May 02, 2012

The introduction of VSCO cam last month renewed my love for iPhone images. Although I carry my DSLR around with me most of the time, you just can’t beat the convenience of the iPhone sometimes. All these images are taken with my iPhone, edited with VSCOcam and cropped in Instagram

VSCOcam + iPhone

These are all meaningful to me for one reason or another; 1. Gabby’s first loose tooth, I figured this would be one of the last images of her with a full set of teeth for a while. 2. It’s a LOVEHEART, what more can I say! 3. My beautiful Niece, Eilish. 4. The first morning that I left the house and realised Autumn is really here. 5. Gabby has odd fashion sense and beanies are an everyday staple, in this instance it is paired with a Rashie + Boardies. 6. Easter holiday @ the beach and these guys were everywhere.